March 13, 2017

Perry Bacon, Jr., a Louisville native, is a former TIME magazine and Washington Post reporter and NBC News senior political reporter and current ESPN fivethirtyeight.com senior political writer. The Root calls him “one of the few African-American ‘shoe leather’ political reporters on TV” because of his penchant for leaving his computer and the newsroom behind to hit the streets in search of answers for pressing political questions.



Louisville native John Yarmuth launched his publishing career when he founded Louisville Today magazine (1975) and later the Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) a weekly newspaper (1990). Since 2007 he has represented Kentucky’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.




August 23, 2017

Elizabeth Mayhew is currently the Brand Editor for Reese Witherspoon’s Southern-inspired brand, Draper James, a contributing editor at NBC’s Today Show and a monthly columnist for The Washington Post. She also is the author of FLIP! for Decorating (Ballantine). She has worked for a number of publications including REAL SIMPLE, House Beautiful, Southern Living, and Woman’s Day. A native of Louisville, Kentucky and a graduate of Georgetown University, she now lives in New York City with her husband and two teenage kids.


October 17, 2017

Peter Byck is the director, producer and writer of the film “Carbon Nation.” Byck is also on the faculty at Arizona State University. Byck has met and collaborated with the leading minds from the world of climate, clean energy, military applications and land use. Byck is currently in production for carbon nation 2.0 – an on-going series of short films produced in collaboration with ASU. He is also working with scientists and ranchers on soil health research

Byck’s public speaking engagements highlight his most unique discovery during the 3 year promotion of Carbon Nation: liberals and conservatives in the U.S. are not polarized, as the popular press presents. Through Byck’s humor, curious mind and respectful approach, he gets to the core of peoples’ beliefs – listening carefully for common ground. And in the realm of energy, he’s realized that if the subject of climate change is tabled, there is vast agreement on how the country should approach our use of energy: people are chomping at the bit for clean energy and energy efficiency. And, a large portion of Americans are willing to make sacrifices to get us to a low carbon economy – they’re just waiting for someone to lead.

Byck has recently appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and NPR’s Science Friday. As a public speaker, Byck has presented carbon nation at Google, Facebook, McDonald’s, Boeing, Nike, Microsoft, TetraPak, Shell, Walmart.com, SC Johnson, House of Commons & U.S. Embassies in London, Berlin and Vienna, Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, White House CEQ, EcoAmerica Prince Charles’ B.E.P. program @ Cambridge University, and many others.