Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Style expert Elizabeth Mayhew is a multi-talented Louisvillian with an impressive career history, thanks to her colorful personality and many skill sets. She is currently the Brand Editor for Reese Witherspoon’s southern-inspired lifestyle brand Draper James, and a regular contributor on  NBC’s TODAY show, as well as being a popular columnist for The Washington Post. Over the course of her career Mayhew has been a driving force at a number of publications, including House Beautiful, Southern Living, Woman’s Day, and REAL SIMPLE. She also is the author of FLIP! for Decorating (Ballantine), a book of which she says married her decorating knowledge acquired from her time with House Beautiful and her extensive research and organization skills gained at REAL SIMPLE.

Elizabeth attributes much of her success in the industry to growing up in Kentucky as well as her eagerness to pursue her many interests. She has described her attitude toward opportunity as being at a buffet and eating everything she can, never turning down an interview or chance to take advantage of the things she loves to do. This has led to a career comprised of what she calls a “smorgasbord of jobs.” Her passion for many things such as theatre, décor, art history, and even baking has gained her experience in industries across the board.
Admitting that she was blessed with a privileged upbringing, once Elizabeth established herself in her profession, she realized that her Kentucky background made her unique in the business, and she was able to use that perspective to her advantage. Amicable and friendly with just about anyone, along with a good dose of southern charm, Mayhew offers a genuine form of authenticity and approachable demeanor. For this reason, she has said, is why she no longer focuses on the “UCK” in Kentucky, but rather the “LUCK.”

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017 Elizabeth had a conversation with Shannon Cogan, multiple Emmy award winner and anchor for WAVE3 News. We discover how growing up in Kentucky infused Elizabeth with the creativity and passion to become the successful national design leader she is today. We also found out how her Kentucky roots helped her to become Reese Witherspoon’s choice for Brand Editor at Draper James.


Shannon Cogan

Multiple Emmy winner Shannon Cogan is a news anchor at WAVE 3 News, the NBC affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky. Shannon has 23 years experience in the news field, having worked in some of the biggest markets across the nation, including Miami, Dallas, and Orlando, where she covered the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster and the 2000 presidential election. Shannon is a graduate of Indiana University.




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