IDEA xLab KTW Collaboration

Louisville, Kentucky – In a knowledge-based economy where ideas that blend creativity and technical know-how are increasingly valuable, educational programs that encourage new interdisciplinary approaches are needed.

Acquisition of knowledge has been recognized as a necessary lifelong endeavor for everyone. One of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s top three priorities for Louisville is to become a city of lifelong learning.

The social entrepreneurs behind IDEAS xLab and Kentucky to the World are stepping up as champions of lifelong learning with a new program called KentuckyLab©.

“Our yearlong collaboration will focus on cultivating relationships among artists, intellectuals, academics and entrepreneurs and celebrate Kentucky’s unique influence on the creative process – whether it be in business, science or a more traditional arts-related endeavor,” said Theo Edmonds, co-founder of IDEAS xLab.

Throughout 2016, the collaboration will pair Kentucky to the World’s well-known speaker series with IDEAS xLab’s popular Mix+Pivot events.

In Spring, Summer and Fall of 2016, IDEAS xLab will present themed Mix+Pivots – where Kentucky-based artists, entrepreneurs and non-profits make five minute pitches – related to Kentucky to the World’s featured speakers.

The Mix+Pivot events will take place two weeks before each Kentucky to the World program as a kind of “warm-up”.  The featured presenters at Mix+Pivot will then be guests of honor at the Kentucky to the World program and help create the Q&A to be held with Kentucky to the World’s featured presenters.

“We identified a need to encourage new, intergenerational ties between Kentucky’s emerging young artists/entrepreneurs by connecting them with exceptional established  men and women who have made their mark on the world in many fields,” said Shelly Zegart, founder of Kentucky to the World

In addition to the Louisville presentations, the KentuckyLab© collaboration plans to present a special event in New York City in 2016 which will highlight Kentucky’s emerging contemporary artists, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs.

Lastly, the collaboration will launch the first-ever Creative Kentuckian Awards© presented to an emerging artist, scientist ,intellectual/academic and entrepreneur who are making exceptional contributions that show promise for increasing America’s imaginative capacity. A legacy award will also honor a Kentuckian who has demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to creative

vision, passion, cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation that resulted in measurable advancements for the social good  of a significant number of people.

Ultimately, the KentuckyLab© collaboration is designed to become a catalyst for  instilling greater creativity, initiative and responsiveness in Kentucky’s  innovation economy by showing people fresh ways to develop needed skills for adapting to our post-industrial society.

Speakers and dates for 2016 will be announced in early January 2016.


About Kentucky to the World
Kentucky to the World, Inc. enhances Kentucky’s image, educates, and inspires by showcasing the talent, ingenuity, and excellence of outstanding men and women who claim strong Kentucky ties. KTW accomplishes its goals through multimedia programs that range from a live-audience, recorded speaker series, to the website’s written profiles and video interviews, to social media about our achievers real-time happenings and accomplishments.
KTW is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.


About IDEAS xLab
IDEAS xLab ( is a catalytic organization run by artists and art professionals working at the nexus of cultural production, social investigation and marketplace. Created to help corporations and NGOs make the leap into the future by accessing artists as a strategic human resource for building creative capacity at the frontiers of knowledge. Co-Founder of IDEAS xLab, Theo Edmonds, was chosen by Southern Living Magazine as one of “50 People Changing the Face of the South in 2015”.



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