March 16, 2016 – Kentucky to the World featured special guest Cecil Booth in an engaging conversation with her two sisters, Rebecca and Lady. Kirby Adams facilitated the discussion that shared fascinating stories of how their individual professions and passions have brought them love and togetherness in unexpected ways.


Cecil Booth is president of Beauty Booth, LLC, a company she co-founded with her sister Dr. Rebecca Booth. She began her career in the beauty industry, including 20 years in marketing and management at a Fortune 500 global beauty company. She has successfully launched brands and developed new products utilizing innovative ingredients and packaging. She has also directed global strategy to ensure success in international markets. She has extensively studied the skin care market and has an understanding of consumer needs and drivers as well as a personal passion for the beauty category. The synergy of her background with her sister’s experience as a doctor and hormonal wellness expert, led to their development of the breakthrough new skin care line: VENeffect. She earned a BA from the University of Kentucky, an MA in advertising from Northwestern University and resides in Chicago.

About Cecil and Rebecca Booth’s skincare product, VenEffect