August 20, 2014 – Jonathan Wolff shared the inside, fascinating story of his journey from growing up in Louisville to rising to the top of his field in the television music industry, complete with Hollywood stories and tips on how he got the jobs so many others didn’t. The event was moderated by Devin Katayama.


Wolff, a Louisville native and graduate of Atherton High School was named the composer of one of “the greatest theme songs of all time” by TV Guide Magazine and one of “the most unforgettable TV sounds” by Time Magazine. It was his quirky theme song on Seinfeld, which had to be reworked weekly in order to match the timing of Jerry Seinfeld’s monologue, that propelled Wolff into high demand in Hollywood.

A pioneer in his field, Wolff was one of the first composers to embrace the digital audio system ProTools, now an industry standard. He holds an impressive resume that began with creating special musical material for episodes of popular shows like Love Boat, Fantasy Island, 21 Jump Street and Knots Landing and eventually included 43 TV themes and composing full-time for 75 prime time series.

He started playing bar mitzvahs and weddings before he could drive, and took his passion for music to Los Angeles at 17 as a student at the University of Southern California.  Within a year, he left school to work full-time as a Los Angeles studio musician, orchestrator and recording engineer.

In 2005 he walked away from his Hollywood career with his wife and children to live quietly in Louisville.