August 3, 2016 – Kentucky to the World featured Junior in an interview with special guest, Evan Roth, for the first live audience recording of his “Breaking the Mold” podcast with guest co-host Daniel Roth.


Junior Bridgeman, franchise entrepreneur, played guard/forward for University of Louisville and joined the NBA in 1975 for a solid 12-year career that included Los Angeles Lakers and primarily the Milwaukee Bucks. He transitioned from being a UL-NBA basketball star to building a solid career as an entrepreneur and businessman acquiring more than 350 franchises. His winning attitude and business savvy have brought him recognition as one of America’s most successful retired pro athletes. He owns Manna Inc., and is now divesting his franchises to focus on his new venture as one of only three independent bottlers for Coca-Cola.

“Junior Bridgeman: A different kind of franchise player”