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Published 6:41 a.m. October 2, 2018

Kirby Adams

Chuck BrymerIf you’ve purchased a car, soft drink, cellphone or six- pack of beer or soda, there is a strong chance you’vebeen influenced by the work of Louisville nativeChuck Brymer.

The 59-year-old graduate of Central High School and the University of Kentucky is the driving force behind some of the most successful advertising campaigns in

the world, including Volkswagen, McDonald’s, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Audi, Miller, Coors, Pepsi and a slew of other products.

Oh yeah — and those famous Budweiser Clydesdale ads? That’s him, too.

Brymer is as a world-renowned branding and advertising expert and the chairman of DDB Worldwide Communications Group, one of the top advertising and marketing agencies in the world.

Although he has lived and traveled around the world, Brymer, who is also a published au-thor credits his Kentucky roots with giving him an edge in business by distinguishing him from the crowd. (Hint: He means his Kentucky accent.)

“I think Kentucky has been a benefit to me,” Brymer said. “It’s created part of who I am andpart of the brand that I am.”

His career started to gain notice long ago — in 1986, Brymer was listed in Fortune Maga-zine’s “People to Watch.” Since then, he has helped create Businessweek’s “World’s Most Valuable Brands” feature and has advised the U.S. State Department on the United States’international image.

“Advertising historically was about price,” Brymer said. “You know I can sell a bar of soap for 84 cents. Today that model doesn’t work.”

So what does work? Find out when Brymer returns to Louisville as part of “Kentucky to the World” series, which features the talent, ingenuity and excellence of outstanding men and women with strong Kentucky ties. The Oct. 24 event will feature a discussion with “the man who helped create some of the most iconic ads of our time,” according to the series’ website.

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