Kentucky to the World’s Mission

Our mission is to enhance our state’s image – at home and beyond – by showcasing the talent, ingenuity, and excellence of outstanding men and women with strong Kentucky ties. By doing that, we are a catalyst for inspiring everyone – no matter their age, geography, or circumstance – to promote a positive narrative about Kentucky and to become image-changers themselves.

The people whom KTW selects to feature meet a predetermined set of criteria. They must:

  • Have a strong Kentucky connection, including one or more of the following:
    • They were born or raised in Kentucky.
    • They attended and/or graduated from a Kentucky school.
    • They spent at least five years living, working, or contributing to a Kentucky community.
  • Possess a fresh story. KTW features renowned men and women, many of whom are not well known in the state. Some live outside of Kentucky and others make Kentucky their home.
  • Embody values including creativity, innovation, risk-taking, intellectual courage, and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Demonstrate work that is nationally and/or internationally significant as well as current and applicable to contemporary subjects of discourse and value.

KTW’s far-reaching goals include expanding online content and reach to become a major online media publication, growing the speaker series geographically to other cities in Kentucky, and capitalizing on educational efforts through a mentorship program that will allow our Kentucky-connected men and women to inspire and guide Kentucky’s students of today to attain their professional and community minded goals of tomorrow.


Why does Kentucky need “Kentucky to the World”?

For too long people in Kentucky have carried the weight of negative stereotypes. KTW tells a different story, one of leadership and success that extends far beyond our state borders. We are making people aware that they can claim Kentucky and also accomplish amazing things in the world.

KTW and its public relations efforts will enhance Kentucky’s image in ways that can impact business strategies and Kentucky’s perception in the rest of the country and around the world.

Being a Louisville-based organization, we know the time is right! Between the city’s efforts as “Possibility City” and all the growing positive national press – our sense of pride is on the upswing. KTW is here to elevate the intellectual perceptions of Kentucky.


Our Vision

These days, the internet buzzes about Kentucky as a foodie mecca and great place for fun. But some of the buzzing isn’t so flattering. The state rarely makes headlines for its intellectual and creative capital, and Kentuckians are sometimes even depicted as low-achieving, intellectual light weights.

Kentucky is the North of the South and the South of the North. From Appalachia to the Pennyrile, from the Jackson Purchase to the River City, our state is a place where huge cultural tectonic plates slam and shift to create extraordinary Kentuckians. These are the people we cast a spotlight on.

Because we are also dedicated to helping build confidence and pride in the next generation, we include area students so they can see that being a Kentuckian isn’t a handicap—it’s a springboard to realizing their wildest dreams and positively impacting the world.

To change perceptions of Kentucky in the “World,” KTW hosts a website to spark conversation and inspire a broader engagement. Here we feature interviews with our event speakers, commentaries about Kentucky and excellence, articles and original videos, and more.