Kentucky to the World’s Mission

To enhance the reputation of Kentucky, its people and its assets by featuring and promoting the stories of extraordinary individuals who are passionate about their Kentucky ties. Kentucky to the World inspires Kentuckians of all ages to realize their own potential, and boosts awareness of the state’s positive impact across the country and around the world.

The people whom Kentucky to the World selects to feature meet a predetermined set of criteria. They must:

  • Have a strong Kentucky connection, including one or more of the following:
    • They were born or raised in Kentucky.
    • They attended and/or graduated from a Kentucky school.
    • They spent at least five years living, working, or contributing to a Kentucky community.
  • Possess a fresh story. KTW features renowned men and women, many of whom are not well known in the state. Some live outside of Kentucky and others make Kentucky their home.
  • Embody values including creativity, innovation, risk-taking, intellectual courage, and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Demonstrate work that is nationally and/or internationally significant as well as current and applicable to contemporary subjects of discourse and value.



Our Programs

Founded in 2013, Kentucky to the World is unique in its singular focus on Kentucky’s intellectual reputation. Kentucky to the World has hosted 16 public programs that also provided free tickets for 700 students from more than 40 schools and organizations, most from underserved areas. Three live programs a year for general audiences are held in collaboration with The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts with Republic Bank Foundation as the title sponsor. They are aired and streamed on KET. Preceding each event is a special program for more than 75 local high school students who attend an intimate briefing with presenters, supported by title sponsor Lifetime Wealth Strategies.

In addition, under the banner, “Kentucky: The New Narrative,” brief multimedia presentations drawn from our events and other interviews are being broadcast statewide through a network of community partners that currently include the Frazier Museum, the Kentucky Science Center, the Louisville Omni Hotel, Louisville Tourism, Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation Community Centers, Muhammad Ali Center and The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.

They are designed to educate, excite and empower through the stories of extraordinary individuals who are passionate about their Kentucky ties.  When we get more of these amazing stories out into the state and beyond, we will increase by thousands the number of people who will value Kentucky as a rich source of intellectual vitality and creativity. Kentucky to the World then tells a new story of Kentucky on the world stage.

We want Kentucky’s reputation to be shaped by the impact of the extraordinary people with ties to Kentucky, rather than by the old stereotypes.