Kentucky to the World Presents…

Perry Bacon – Inside Political Reporting
in the Era of Tribalism, Trump & Twitter
Monday, March 13, 2017 • The Kentucky Center


NBC News Seperry_bacon_lrnior Political Reporter Perry Bacon has been an eye-witness to and reporter of the dynamic events in American politics since 2002. From the rise of tribalism, or hyper-partisanship, the growing connection between celebrity and political success, and the changing landscape of the media environment created by technology, Perry has reported on the most important political developments that have shaped our nation over the past decade and a half.

Join us for the first event in the 2017 KTW Speaker Series when Louisville native Perry Bacon shares fascinating insights from his unique vantage point as a political observer of American politics and history.

About the Event
Reception at 5:30pm and program at 6:30pm.
The Kentucky Center, 501 W. Main St, Louisville, KY 40202.
Tickets are $25 and will be on sale soon.

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