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IdeaFestival® Announces New Series “Kentucky to the World”
Saturday Night Live’s Devin Emke to Kick Off Series on October 18, 2013


Louisville, KY. (October 8, 2013)IdeaFestival® and its year-round learning division, IF University, announce a new ongoing pilot series, “Kentucky to the World” (KTW), in partnership with Louisville Community Leader and International Quilt Expert Shelly Zegart. The series, which will kick off on Friday, Oct. 18 with Saturday Night Live Sound Engineer Devin Emke, will showcase Kentuckians who have made an impact in their respective fields, all while enhancing Kentucky’s perception both inside and outside of the state. KTW speakers will include a mix of high profile individuals not often seen or heard in Kentucky, along with others who might be unheralded here, but are very well known in their fields. With all of them, Kentucky is part of their story.

“Kentucky to the World is intended to bring Kentuckians who have achieved prominence nationally and internationally back home to share their unique stories of success and how their experiences in Kentucky helped shape their lives and careers,” said IdeaFestival Founder Kris Kimel.

Emke, KTW’s first speaker, grew up in Louisville and graduated from St. Francis High School before moving to New York to become a post-production sound engineer for NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He has led a successful career in music, audio production, sound engineering, film, and publishing and will share his experience on Oct. 18, 5:30 pm at Dreamland Film Center (810 East Market, Louisville, KY 40202).

Tickets for the event can be purchased for $11.99. Get yours now.

The concept for KTW was proposed to IdeaFestival by Zegart. “I have always felt that Kentucky is not well recognized inside and outside its borders for creative talent, but my own experiences, and the experiences of my daughter Amy, a well-recognized National Security expert, tell me otherwise,” she said. “I am thrilled that we can begin to share these amazing stories to enlighten others, inspire others, and help them achieve their own creative success.”

KTW will invite speakers who reflect the full range of contributions across disciplines, ages, points of view, and perspectives – some above the radar and some below. In addition to Emke, future 2014 possible participants include: Catherine McCord, well known as an international model, food editor and publisher of the website, and Ellen Miller, Executive Director of the well-respected Sunlight Foundation. Click here for more information.

IdeaFestival® is a year-round celebration of ideas to foster creativity, innovation and transformational learning. Anchored by the signature IdeaFestival event held each September in Louisville and supplemented by ongoing IF University programs each month in Louisville and Lexington as well as independent IF Events throughout the year, IdeaFestival is a celebration for the intellectually curious.

IF University was founded in Spring 2012 and has offered nearly 60 classes in Louisville and Lexington, KY, on a variety of topics. All IF University classes and events are non-credit learning experiences,with an emphasis on the intersections between varied topics and multiple disciplines.

For more information about IF University, please contact Dana Cox, Chief Creative Officer of IF University,, (859) 492-3738 or Kris Kimel, founder of IdeaFestival,, (859) 233-3502.

For more information about “Kentucky to the World,” please contact Shelly Zegart,, (502) 897-3819.

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