An important part of our mission is taking our message into “the world” and Kentucky Educational Television is an important step in that direction. Through a partnership with KET, KTW live programs are being recorded for broadcast across the 16 stations that form the KET network. In addition to reaching almost all parts of our state, KET reaches into parts of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. This partnership is truly a game-changer for Kentucky to the World, and we’re proud to be able to help provide KET with important programming that promotes the best our state has to offer.

Kentucky Educational Television – KET – is the largest public television network in the country, second largest in the world, and reaches every Kentucky school and 5.5 million viewers in eight states daily. It is also Kentucky’s highest-quality source for public affairs and cultural programming.

We are excited to announce that KET is also streaming our Speaker Series programs beginning with the March 2016 Booth sisters program.


WENDY WHELAN – TO THE POINT: A Conversation with Emily Bingham

Millions know Wendy Whelan as America’s premier ballerina, but few know the woman inside the dance icon.  Award-winning historian and author, Emily Bingham, engaged in an intimate conversation with one of America’s premier dance artists as she talked about her future and embracing her creative power. “I honestly feel like I’m bursting with something. I’m deciding who I want to dance with, what I want to do each day. It’s not a place I’ve been at in my career before… It’s daunting and scary, and so beautiful.” – Wendy Whelan

Now airing on KET and KETKY. Check your local listings for a schedule.

Whendy Whelan and Emily Bingham


The Booth Sisters – Lady, Rebecca, and Cecil

The Booth sisters – Lady, Rebecca, and Cecil – talk about growing up in Kentucky; success in their chosen professions; and their famous dad – Wayne Perkey of 84 WHAS radio.

Watch the video on our site (below), or tune in to KET broadcast on your TV.


Breaking the Mold Podcast by Evan and Daniel Roth with Junior Bridgeman

Brothers Daniel and Evan Roth presented the first ever LIVE audience production of their popular Breaking the Mold podcast. Daniel Roth, executive editor of LinkedIn, and Evan Roth a founder of BBR Partners interviewed Junior Bridgeman, a franchise entrepreneur and former Uof L and NBA star about how he navigated his transition from the world of sports to the list of the highest earning retired athletes in Forbes Magazine 2016.

Watch the video on our site (below), or tune in to KET broadcast on your TV.