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Our live programs help spread the word that “passion,” “success” and “Kentucky” are not mutually exclusive. We include area students because we want to build confidence and pride in the next generation. They need to see that being a Kentuckian isn’t a handicap–it’s a springboard to realizing their wildest dreams and positively impacting the world.

Thanks to a generous gift from Lifetime Wealth Strategies, more than 100 area students will be able to attend each event. Director of Portfolio Management Evan Thurmond said, “KTW’s events are so important for students because they expose kids to some of the most talented and inspiring people who prove that so long as your dreams are big enough, and you work hard, you can succeed.”

Tony Moore with Lincoln Foundation
The Lincoln Foundation is one of many schools and organizations to attend the KTW event with Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead and Marvel comic book artist.

“This gift also enables us to add a pre-event program for our students where they can meet the speakers and have the opportunity to ask questions that matter to them,” said David Thurmond, Education Consultant. Shelly Zegart, President of KTW said, “We’re excited about reaching out to students and giving them experiences that may be game-changers for them.”

Donations, earmarked specifically for student sponsorship, have allowed for more than 1300 students from 59 different high schools, colleges, universities and community organizations to have private meetings with our presenters and attend the KTW speaker events.

How rewarding it is to hear from the students and their teachers about how inspired they became to embark on their own paths!

Kentucky To The World Education Consultant David Thurmond
discusses our unique approach to student programming:         


Lifetime Wealth Strategies on sponsoring the student program:

Tracy Drain, Flight Systems Engineer at NASA and KTW’s first
Modern Thinkers guest talks about intellectual curiosity in Kentucky:


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